• Founded in 1879
  • Mission of "Caring for Mankind" (仁泽众生)
  • Listed on the Singapore Exchange as Eu Yan Sang International Limited since 28 July 2000
  • A progressive, global healthcare company with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Manufacture and retail traditional Chinese medicine and herbs in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia and Singapore. 
  • Operate clinic services in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
The 4 Main Faculties of Eu Yan Sang (Manufacturing, Retail, Export and Wholesale and Clinic Services)

Countries with EYS Outlets

  • Eu Yan Sang's TCM's effectiveness is certified by scientific approach and research 
  •  Production is enhanced by modern technology
  • Products are priced in terms of their quality (tested using Fingerprint Capabilities) thus it is worth the price.