Are you curious about how Eu Yan Sang started, yet tired of reading on? Here comes the animation that briefly describes Eu Yan Sang's Long History! This animation is proudly brought to you by the Foodketeers!

Brief Summary of Animation:

In 1873, Eu Kong, later the founder of Eu Yan Sang, headed off to Malaya from his hometown in Foshan, Guangdong, China. He noticed the people used opium to get rid of the pain, so to tend to their health, he opened the first Yan Sang shop in 1879, and introduced Traditional Chinese Medicine, like herbs.

Eu Tong Sen
Eu Kong’s eldest son, Eu Tong Sen, carried on the family business in the 1890s, and expanded Eu Yan Sang’s business to more parts of Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Besides expanding business, he often donate to the poor, linking with the company’s main goal, caring for mankind.

Over the years, Eu Yan Sang still continues reaching towards its goal, through innovative products, but still using Traditional Chinese Medicine. It also opened TCM Clinics, offering consultations and treatments, and won many awards and recognition.