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(1) The Latest developments of TCM 
(2) How can TCM help
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(3) What types of Eu Yan Sang's TCM products are suitable to Care For:
(i) Children (ii) pregnant women (iii) women's Health (iv) men's Health (v) elderly

Nickname: Little EYS
Age: 12
Likes: Traditional Chinese Medicine
 "Studying about TCM is fun!"

Question 1 (Through Facebook):
Chio Jia Le: I have a question. It is said that TCM is natural, and thus brings out the goodness of mother nature. However, the advancement in medical technology (bio-tech) focuses on the effectiveness on their medication. With this, will TCM still be effective as ever?

Little EYS: Really good question. We think that the answer is Yes. Here is the reason:

Eu Yan Sang uses traditional wisdom on their Traditional Chinese Medicine, and they use Science and Technology to improve it. As far as we know, their scientific approaches are Fingerprint Capabilities and the Good Agronomic Practices for Herbs (EYSGAP - Herbs) Certification Scheme.

The Fingerprint Capabilities is to help to check the quality of products (Example the Ginseng). The certification scheme is to ensure that their products are safe for consumption and of good quality.

Even with Science and Technology, Eu Yan Sang uses it to ensure the quality of their products, and also to improve their packaging and marketing through the online platforms. They do not use any Genetically-Modified Organisms or Plants, and they do not use anything artificial.

Because of what technology is used for in Eu Yan Sang, we think that TCM will still be as effective as ever. Does that answer your question?

Chio Jia Le: Yes, it does. All in all, combining technology with TCM brings out the best of both worlds.